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Has Anxiety Taken Over Your Life?
by: Nansia Ressi

Anxiety is the leading clinically diagnosable mental health disorder – it affects millions of people. Everyone experiences a little anxiety in life. It can be necessary and a motivator to help us make plans and perform well. However, anxiety disrupts the everyday life of millions of people. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, anxiety disorder is the most common mental health problem in the United States. Almost 19 million Americans (aged 18 to 54) suffer from some anxiety disorder each year, according to a analysis by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Fear is generally the basis for anxiety disorders. All of us have felt its tingle before we do something that makes us nervous, such as making a public speech or going out on a first date. When that feeling becomes more constant and starts to invade our daily lives, then it has become a disorder and it's time to get some help.

5 Ways To Stay Motivated
by: Pete Johanson

Do you remember the day you first joined your gym? Wasn't it a great feeling, knowing that you had finally taken that first step towards living a healthier life? Making a conscious, positive decision to improve is rewarding, and hopefully we've all kept that promise to ourselves. But try as we might, it seems that there's always a handy excuse to not exercise.

While gym attendance peaks around January, it slacks off every March/April as people forget about their New Year Resolutions. Summer BBQ's and vacations tend to make people stay away from the gym, and six months later holiday parties and planning to the same thing. Finally, we can all relate to those days when we simply don't want to work out!

How to Co-Wash Natural Black Hair
by: Elle Paris

If you wear your hair natural, you are probably familiar with co-washing, or washing their hair with conditioner only. Conditioner washing avoids harsh results from frequent washing with shampoos and helps to keep natural black hair soft and manageable. Co-washing can be done as often as you'd like, even several times a day (this is a plus for natural hair wearers in the hot days of summer).

Oftentimes the question of "How do I co-wash my hair?" comes up. The answer would seem simple, but there are some steps you can take to get the most benefit from this technique and do it with ease.

The Five Most Important Powers Mid-life Women Must Use to Stay Young
by: Barbara Morris R.Ph

Gerontologists say that 70 percent of the aging process is controllable with the right lifestyle choices. Anti-aging expert Barbara Morris agrees, and has written a hot new book, Put Old on Hold that explains how and why at 75, she feels and functions as a 50-year old. She says, “It’s easy when you start early to make anti-aging lifestyle and attitude adjustments. If I can do it, others can do it too. The traditional aging process that our society has adopted unnecessarily relegates middle age people to early decline. There is a better way.”

In Put Old on Hold, Barbara Morris, who works full time as a pharmacist, offers plenty of “what works for me” advice. Here are five of her “power tools” for smart women (and men, when they are not too stubborn to listen!) to help control the aging process:

Axillary Hyperhidrosis Treatment
by: Michael Rad

Excessive underarm sweating can become an annoying problem for those suffering from this condition. Axillary hyperhidrosis manifests itself through an increased underarm sweat production and this is triggered by the sympathetic nervous system. A malfunction in the nerves controlling underarm sweat glands leads to excessive sweat production, resulting in constantly moist armpits. Often associated with the negative effects of palmar hyperhidrosis, axillary hyperhidrosis is sometimes triggered by exterior factors such as anxiety, psychological stress and tiredness. This is not a rule, however, and there may be no clearly identified stimuli that trigger excessive underarm sweat.

Treatment for Sweaty Underarms

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